Tips For A Cheap And Perfect Wedding


While we try to make our wedding’s as cheap as possible by offering a package. There’s still a lot of small costs that go into a wedding that end up making big dents in your bank account. To help, we’ve listed 5 easy tips that will drastically cut your wedding expenses.

  1. Use Your Connections

The friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances in your life all have amazing skills that you might not even know about. From superb DIY skills, beautiful cake decorating, to amazing instrumental skills, you never know what talents those around you have. Go through your friend’s list and see what careers or hobbies your friends have that could help your wedding. You could ask for help in exchange for a wedding gift or get something at a massive discount, especially if they’re not a professional but just a great hobbyist.

2. Create Your Own Invitations








Say goodbye to expensive invitation designs and instead make your own! If you’re not very design-savvy then you can use websites like Canva, or hire a student or freelance designer to help out.

3. DIY It








Say goodbye to bought and hello to DIY. Check out your wedding needs list and see if you can do any of it yourself. Like your own simple DIY photo booth for guests, decorations or even flowers.

4. Plan








The biggest secret to cutting your wedding costs is planning. Start with your budget and everything you need. Then go through and see what’s least important to you and your partner. Then make small sacrifices on those items, such as switching a DJ to a playlist. Cutting down your guest list, or switching flower centrepieces for candles. This way you save money while not making sacrifices on the things that are most important to you.

5. Go For Someone Less Professional








Just because someone doesn’t have thousands of likes or a business card, doesn’t mean they aren’t as good as their bigger competitors. You can save hundreds of dollars by going with small businesses, freelancers or students for things such as photography and makeup. Just make sure you do your research and go with your gut feeling.

That’s our top 5 cheap wedding tips! For more wedding tips make sure you follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.

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Country Wedding Venues & Practicalities

We are lucky to have many unique and unusual wedding venues in the Gold Coast Hinterland and Scenic Rim. While rustic country weddings are experiencing a surge in popularity, have you ever considered the practical aspects of a country wedding?

Here are 5 points to consider when looking for a country wedding venue:
1. You have a beautiful property with amazing views in mind for your nuptials, but is there accommodation nearby for you and your guests? After all, a wedding is a celebration and the champagne will be flowing, so nobody should even be thinking about driving home afterwards!

2. While we are being practical, are there properly plumbed and equipped bathroom facilities which will cater for everyone? No one wants to be dressed in their glad rags lining up outside a port-a-loo at 10 o’clock at night! And would you even manage with your wedding dress?


3. Is there an undercover venue available if the weather suddenly changes? You always need a rainy day option, especially in Queensland!


4. Is there somewhere private with a mirror and dressing facilities for you and your wedding party to freshen up or change? You want to look your best all night!


5. Is the venue appropriately licensed to be catering for your event? This is not something you should have to worry about on your wedding day but it’s a question you need to ask, especially at smaller venues.


Here at the Ramada Resort Kooralbyn Valley, you can experience all the romance of a country wedding with the luxury and convenience of a resort wedding. With stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valley, you will feel like you are a thousand miles from the hustle and bustle of the city!
Your guests can party the night away at your wedding reception knowing it’s just a short stroll back to their stylish hotel suite for a restful night’s sleep.
The following morning brings more joy and laughter as friends and family gather together to enjoy a buffet breakfast in Lilies Restaurant and reminisce about how fabulous the wedding was!
With a choice of stunning ceremony and reception venues, beautifully decorated by our experienced wedding team, you can relax in the knowledge that every detail was taken care of. Professional wait staff will be looking after your event to ensure you enjoy your special day before you and your beloved retire to your Penthouse Suite.
See, you really can have the best of both worlds!