Jennifer & Grant Wedding

Wedding Pose

In the eyes of our indigenous people,
Kooralbyn Valley
is an enchanted, romantic and unique place
This naturally flowed on to Australia’s
most memorable wedding resorts
April 14, 2018
Proudly welcomed our first Australian/ Chinese
Wedding participants

Wedding Morning

This was although carefully prepared for nearly 2 months.
In the morning of the wedding there was a light rain,
It was originally planned to have the wedding pavilion on the lawns by the lake within the golf course.

Luckily there was a backup solution,
We placed the ceremony desk in the shaded terrace of the resort in the western side of Lilies Restaurant.

 “I want a beautiful lakeside lawn ceremony
It doesn’t matter if it’s raining”

Satisfying the bride’s wish is what the entire team worked towards
the ceremony by the lakeside.
Even though it was raining
A touch of sun flashed through the trees
The bright sunshine not only embrace the scene,
It shine into everyone’s heart.

We embrace romance,
With every flower from the morning mist to the setting.

We pay attention to detail
with each guest, greeted on the way through the red carpet.

Your wedding means as much to us, as it does to you.
Therefore, we Perfectly create a Package at Kooralbyn Valley Resort

Marriage Vows

All guests were inducted and together after the ceremony to the
Resorts Feature Events
Kangaroo Golf Buggy Tour
Driving a golf cart
In addition, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the surroundings.
From time to time our guest enjoyed the nature by watching groups of kangaroos playing in the small lake
Or lying across the shade.

Guests were super excited.
They had never participated in such a
Unique & playful wedding.

Everyone took pictures of the golf course
When the lights came on, all the guests returned to the banquet hall
Next was the last part of the wedding
The Wedding Banquet
Mouth-watering food, flowers and dim candlelight
The backdrop of the bride’s background was covered by soft orange light
Showing fairy-tale dream colours
Butterfly-shaped seat cards & fireflies in the flowers

The Wedding Banquet

Their beautiful flower wedding cake


Because the bride loved horses so much,
the bride and groom deliberately sneaked into the resort’s horse area.
The couple with the horses were intimate and special 

Nurturing the tree of love,
hand-picked by the staff was planted at the resort’s small lake,
they planted a small tree.
Don’t forget to check back regularly to see how your tree grows and blossoms like your love over time.

They were especially lucky as the
Scenic Rim City Council hosted an event at the resort on the same day.
The large Fire on Water event,
Giving the newly married couple the extra special Fireworks display to end the perfect day!
Of course, if you want to have fireworks at your wedding,
No problem at all!
The resort can help you organise all of your dreams!
Kooralbyn valley resort wishes the happy couple all the best for their future and looks forward to their return to celebrate their first anniversary!

You can even wear your wedding dress to
take A trip in a hot air balloon
over Kooralbyn Valley.

Trip Hot Air Balloon

In addition to all of the above
The resort can offer accommodation for the bride and groom and their guests packages.
With 136 guest rooms + presidential suite,
There is enough room to accommodate everyone.

Give us a call, come and see what we can offer ,we are highly specialized in making your dream come true.